Monday, January 20, 2014

Dorm Room Survival Tips

It's the time of the year when high school seniors decide what college or university they will be attending for the next 2-5 years.  This decision is huge, as it determines what your dorm room will be like.  Searching "dorm room" on Google brings up the following results: 

I'm here to tell you that these photos lie.  They 100% lie.  If this is what you are expecting, you will find yourself disappointed. The rooms depicted above have clearly never had college kids living in them.

However, do not fret!  There are some things you can do to make your dorm room as close to the photos above as humanly possible. 

1. Set up a cleaning schedule 
No one likes living like a slob.  However, in college you will be really busy.  There will always be better things to do than cleaning.  DO NOT FALL INTO THIS TRAP.  Set aside one hour once a week to straighten.  If you stay on top of the mess, you won't even need that much time.  The rooms are small after all! 

2. Storage, storage, and more storage
Bring storage bins!  You can find lots of cute ones online or in stores.  You will not regret this!  And make sure that you have extra storage!  At college you come home with A LOT more things than you came with.  There is always some event handing out t-shirts, backpacks, or hats, and these things need a place in your dorm.  Check out Target for cute storage ottomans. 

3. Set roommate guidelines
There's many types of roommates. Some are best friends, some are enemies, some are in between.  No matter which type of roommate you get, there will always be things that they do that get on your nerves.  In the beginning it won't be bad.  It will be something you can tolerate.  You will be living with this person for the whole school year!  It will get on your nerves quickly! So talk to them in the beginning about guidelines for each of you. 

4. Open your door

5. Do not date someone on your floor
The first people you will meet at college will be the ones living on your floor.  There will probably be someone that will catch your eye.  Do not date them though!  This can lead to awkward situations for both of you!  At first it may seem great, but eventually you will want your space, and it will be hard to get that with them living right there.  Also, if you broke up you would have to deal with seeing them every day.  It's not fun.

6. Make friends with your RA 
Being friends with the RA will always have perks.

Have any survival stories?  Post them in the comments!


  1. I just want to point out that the last picture of the pink dorm is actually a real dorm room from my college, the University of Georgia, in Brumby Hall! The other pictures are definitely from magazines though, but the last one is legit! You can even look it up and see more pictures of it.

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  2. Not so much a survival story but more of a tip. Speak up if your roommate is doing something that makes you uncomfortable. Ask them to either stop the behavior or take it elsewhere. Remember that you have just as much of a right to feel comfortable in your dorm as your roommate. If they refuse, go to your ra or even the residential office to show how important it is to your roomate that they listen. If they still refuse get out of there asap. I didn't do this and I immediately regretted it. Also, put a max limit on how many days friends can stay over, a week would be more than enough. Again this was something I neglected to do and the small floor space in my room was taken over for a month by my roomate bratty friend.

  3. Making friends with the RA never hurts. I made friends with the head RA in my building and the RA's never busted any parties in my apartment the entire school year.


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