Monday, June 2, 2014

So You Want to Join a Sorority. . .

It's your freshman year and you're gonna be here for the next four years, in this town. 
 For the average teen girl, college introduces a lot of choices.  There's the basic everyday choices, such as skirt or shorts, or flatiron or straightener.  Then there's the harder questions, what clubs to join, who to hang out with, what guys to date, and the inevitable, "Should I join a sorority?".  Many girls are turned off by the idea of a bunch of girls hanging out together all the time, doing each other's hair and nails.  Let me assure you, should you choose to join a sorority, this is not what you will experience.  Before I tell you about my experiences, there's some things you should know about me.  I am a computer engineering major.  Basically, this means that I'm a nerd.  I know how to program, I know how to build circuits, the whole nine yards.  As if that isn't enough, my boyfriend and I are building a laser projector. . . for fun.  Long story short, I am not the stereotypical sorority girl.  However, in my freshman year of college, I decided to check out the five sororities on campus: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Zeta Tau Alpha, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Alpha Xi Delta, and Delta Phi Epsilon.  I went through formal recruitment, which was a long process of learning about each sorority and getting a feel for the personality of each.  The single most important thing I learned through formal recruitment was that each sorority has its own unique personality.  Soon after I learned that each individual chapter of each sorority also has it's own unique personality.  So the chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha at one school may be completely different than a chapter at another school.  This is why it is important to meet the members of the chapter at your particular school.  Formal recruitment let me find the chapter that I fit with the best personality wise.  To be clear, I have nothing against the other sororities at all!  They were all amazing!  I just fit with one more than the others.  Once I decided where I felt I fit, I waited, hoping that the sorority felt that I fit with them as well.  I received a bid, and then went through the pledging process.  The pledging process is very rigorous and time consuming! Do not join a sorority without planning to put your all into it.  In the end, it is worth all the time and the effort put into it, I assure you.  So to sum it all up, if you are thinking about joining a sorority, go through recruitment!  It cannot hurt in the least bit!  You can potentially find your sisters for life.  And if you choose to not join a sorority, there is no loss for you! So take a chance!

Lastly, in case you're wondering where I ended up, here's me (left) and my big (right) on big little night! 


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