Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How to be Instagram Famous

Instagram continues to be a popular social network, after quite a few years.  So you want to become Instagram famous?  Here's how:

1. Post quality photographs 
No one wants to look at a grainy or blurry photo, so don't bother posting them!  Instead, post sharp photos that make the subject clear.  The higher quality the better!  If you can, try to take photos on a better camera than your phone, since the photos come out a lot nicer in quality. However, if you only have a phone camera, do your best to make sure that the picture is sharp. 

2. Tag away
Make sure you tag the photo!  This is basically like sharing the photo all over Instagram, giving you a much wider audience. However, make sure the tags are relevant to the photograph.  People won't like a selfie tagged #whale.  Chances are, if someone is looking at that hashtag, they want to see some whales, not your face. 

3. Like other photos 
Like other photos, and lots of them!  Lots of times, if you like a lot of someones photos, they will like a lot of yours back, and possibly even follow you. 

4. Comment on other photos 
This goes with the liking of other photos. Commenting is very personal.  If you are willing to take time to comment on someone's photo, there is a good chance that they will check out your photos and like them or follow you.  So make sure you expand your presence through likes and comments! 

5. Post frequently
Don't let your presence die out.  Post as frequently as possible.  However, do not just post to post.  Try to keep the photos high quality, while posting often enough for your followers to not forget you.  Don't forget, every post that is tagged gives you a much larger presence in the Instagram network.  


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  2. I think posting regularly definitely makes a difference but it can be hard to keep it interesting! Maybe my life isn't exciting enough :)

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